Darko Drazovic

Certified Linux Engineer and Sysadmin with over ten years of experience in IT systems administration, including Windows workstations and servers, virtualization, network, monitoring, Oracle DB, IT security, WordPress, IT support and consulting. Essential skills and technologies in my portfolio are Linux, Ansible, shell scripting, and system administration.

I am interested to learn and master with hands-on experience Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud-Ops (AWS or Azure), Terraform, and automation. Except for this geeky stuff, I am a big fan of table tennis, chess, and movies, mostly horror, and fantasy.


SAP/CallidusCloud | Serbia | DevOps Engineer (fellowship program) | 01-2023 → now

Expectations & Tasks:

Technologies and principles to master and use:

SAP/CallidusCloud | Serbia | Linux System Engineer | 08-2018 → now (>4y)

Member of the SysOps team, responsible for detecting and troubleshooting all kinds of problems on the Linux servers, updates and upgrades, HA, providing solutions for improvements, and much more. I mainly worked with: Red Hat, SLES, VMware, Ansible, HAProxy, postfix clusters, and shell scripting (bash). I primarily worked with: Red Hat, SLES, VMware, Ansible, Git, HAProxy, postfix clusters, and shell scripting.

LOGIT/Agremo | Serbia | System Engineer | 05-2015 -> 08-2018 (~3y)

I was the only systems-related guy in the company, responsible for local users and workstations, company production, and test environment including Linux and databases, complete network setup, IT security, e-mail administration, writing procedures and manuals for future usage, and much more. Mainly worked with: CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Oracle DB, VMware, pfSense, MikroTik, shell scripting, WordPress, and GSuite (now Google Workspace).

Intermarché/Interex | Serbia, BiH, Romania | IT System Specialist | 06-2007 -> 05-2015 (~8y)

My first official IT job. I started in the company as a member of the system administration team responsible for the regular operation of Interex supermarkets and HQ in Serbia - but finished as the last one…before moving to the development team responsible for the Balkans area and G.O.L.D ERP. Well, I worked in a company almost all related to IT, it’s not for short lines… Mainly worked with: CentOS, Oracle DB, VMware, Hyper-V, GSuite, POS equipment, WordPress, Windows XP/Vista/7/2003/2008, MS Office, and hardware repair.





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